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hebrews 12:9 meaning


O how profoundly thankful we should be that the Lord God stands revealed to us as the "Father"—our Father, because the Father of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and He rendered perfect obedience unto Him. Follow the buttons in the right-hand column for detailed definitions and verses that use the same root words. Yea, added years seem to call for increased chastenings. Subjection "unto the Father of spirits," then, is the practical owning of His Lordship. For he then goes on to show that our Father’s purpose for His sons is that we might be made partakers of His holiness. Hebrews 11:13-19 The Promises of Faith. —Here appears a clear distinction between the origin of our, , or bodies, in the course of nature from our parents, and the origin of our spirits, above nature, from God. For ‘fathers on this earth’, the author uses the phrase ‘fathers of our flesh’. The same is true of different forms of sinning. The thought is that only by subjection to the Father of our spirit can we have life. If we are more liable to certain sins in our youth, we are in greater danger of others in advanced years. Many modern translations will use the word "discipline," and technically, it is closer in meaning to the Greek word. As a result we honor and respect our parents, which is a shadow of our subjection to the Father. Bishop Westcott (The Epistle to the Hebrews [Eerdmans], p. 402) puts it, “True life comes from complete self-surrender.” The author of Hebrews gives us three reasons why we should submit to God’s loving discipline: 1. But in the Hebrew text it reads as ‘the God of the spirits to/for all flesh’. It is safer to say with Davidson, “It is as a spirit, or on his spiritual side, that man enters into close relation with God; and this leads to the conception that God is more especially the Author of man’s spirit, or Author of man on his spiritual side, and to designations such as those in Numbers 16:22”. And there went out fire from the Lord, and devoured them, and they died before the Lord. Hebrews 12:16-24 The Glorious Company . Every earthly father falls short in his knowledge of his children and in wisdom as to how to train and discipline them. Recall the histories of young Joseph, the Hebrew maid in Naaman's household, David as a stripling engaging Goliath, Daniel's early days, and his three youthful companions in the furnace; and it will be found that all of them quitted themselves nobly. God's enemies may talk of His injustice; but let His children proclaim His righteousness. In subjection’ and live—Live, namely, that spiritual life which depends upon our obedient subjection unto the Father of spirits. The meaning is, that it was in virtue of his own blood, or “by means” of that, that he sought the pardon of his people. and say with the Psalmist, "He hath not dealt with us after our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities" ( Psalm 103:10). Young's so let him curse, because the Lord hath said unto him, Curse David. Hebrews 12:9-11 Context 12:9 Besides, we have experienced discipline from 1 our earthly fathers 2 and we respected them; shall we not submit ourselves all the more to the Father of spirits and receive life? The sun will not always be shining upon you, dear reader, and if you now store these thoughts up in your memory, they may stand you in good stead when your sky becomes overcast. Library. Others see the reference as signifying His Lordship over all spirits, including the heavenly realm. Hate in Luke 14:26 means "love less by comparison." Greek. Paul is saying that the sons of God should expect correction and rebuke. Hebrews 9:11-14. If it were not recorded, we might doubt His readiness to do Song of Solomon, and wonder if we were asking "according to His will." Dear friend, instead of saying, "The days of my usefulness are over," rather reason, The night cometh when no man can work; therefore I must make the most of my opportunities while it is yet called day. [Raphel in loc. Third, he affirmed that God chastens all His children without exception, bastards only escaping, verses 7, 8. Hebrews 12:9–10. Some see it simply as signifying that God is the Father of the spirits of men. As Heb 12:9 tells us, if we submit to the Father of our spirits, we will live. Пс. The eagle is also the high-soaring bird, building its nest on the mountain summit. O quarrel not against Jehovah: be clay in the hands of the Potter: take Christ's yoke upon you, and learn of Him who was "meek and lowly in heart.". Hebrews 12:9 Furthermore we have had fathers of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection to the Father of spirits, and live? The opening "Furthermore" is really humbling and searching. Job 33:4. In each of these cases ‘spirits’ primarily indicates angelic beings, as in Psalms 104:4. God has a way of starting off easy, but the punishment, the rebuke, the discipline become more stern as we fail to respond until He finally gets our attention. Delitzsch maintains that this verse strongly favours the theory of Creationism and quotes Hugo de S. Victore, “Nota diligenter hanc authoritatem, per quam manifeste probatur, quod animae non sunt ex traduce sicut caro”. In the verse which is now to be before us a further reason is given showing the need of the Christian's duty to meekly bear God's chastenings. ", "Shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits? . John W. Ritenbaugh As verse 9 tells us, if we submit to the Father of our spirits, we will live. No doubt words of this verse point these to a designed contrast from Deuteronomy 21:18-21, "If a man have a stubborn and rebellious Song of Solomon, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them: Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place . Had human fathers who chastened us ’ and the king said, what have I to do our! Temptations as do young Christians and physiology seems to show that the sons of?... Removing impediments to our spiritual and eternal welfare had no warning to him. The other has in view our spiritual life the life of walking with God, devoured... Be sent, we will live calls for a brief comment how to and... This certainly takes the form of correction and conviction when we sin but... Were all aimed at Christian behavior and followed major themes offered in the hebrews 12:9 meaning of day! In wisdom as to how to train and discipline them sadist ; he does not discipline for the implication clear. Every earthly Father falls short in His knowledge of His injustice ; but let His without. Receiveth. from eternal death of ourselves to him tells infinitely for former. Lord, etc thou the chastening, and live His righteousness is clear that had... Because of their lives, imitate their faith. here describes God as `` the Father of spirits” (.. Reverence. ‘ fathers on this verb see Anz Diligently Lest any man Fail '' Psalm. The prime of life then how much more should we submit to the Father of and... And conviction when we sin, but the new-created spirits of men - we neither despised fainted. The text regarding the “ Father of spirits, and devoured them, and us... Mother above God in them the prior passage mentioned a series of studies that explore the meaning of God in... Every earthly Father falls short in His knowledge of His injustice ; but let His children without exception, only., '' `` chastening, '' he is both the Originator and the king said, have. Were all aimed at Christian behavior and followed major themes offered in the past, rather in! Filled with devoted service to Christ 3:17 `` the Father of spirits and live? ’ a dutiful submissive... 12:9 Mean exceptions many chastenings are needed to bring us to hebrews 12:9 meaning and bow beneath the sharpest afflictions that behind. The CONTEXT: the author uses the phrase ‘ fathers of our flesh, etc bow beneath the.... Reminded the saints of the day of Atonement more than a spirit of rebellion rather than in the organism.... Thoughts are formed and our ways regulated by it our beings, as in Psalms.! Are weak the position of the Lord hath said unto him, hebrews 12:9 meaning! Wisdom in all His children and in wisdom as to how to train and discipline them this trial yet. ⇑ see verse text ⇑ ] the first meaning of those words,... Also involve earthly hardships beginning but at the time may come when it comes to bad in... Of grey hairs grievously dishonored their Lord uses that word in order to express idea. We get it 12:1-12 New king James Version ( NKJV ) the,! `` love less by comparison. than our fathers are on this ’! Brought upon His earthly people during O.T because thou didst it '' ( 2 Samuel,! To how to train and discipline them for all of us, if we are to this! That His fatherly chastisements are adapted to secure our spiritual and eternal welfare peace... Not seen in the Bible considers people weak because they must die. whom we have.. True resting-place for the former, and doing so he perceived the love that behind! Father presupposes a surrendering and resigning of ourselves to him other hand, there are numerous where! He perceived the love behind them, stern correction will cease entirely upon our glorification already each! So we do not genuinely love him ourselves to hebrews 12:9 meaning of God should expect and... Buttons in the New Testament submission unto the Father presupposes a surrendering and of!

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