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Pete does not want to talk with Ann.. 5. 4. speak know go need want drink love be move smoke wear sell have get up serve Ex. I _____ any dinner because I am not hungry. Download PDF What are “Negative Questions”? Then practise your skills in the interactive exercises. x��Z[o�~7�����*`�wR��@�4��Y���CPx'q7����A��ο�Iɔ,Y�7m�.bK#΅3g��ǧ���v6ߒ7oƧ��l~��!����_�W|Z���-W��r�_~��Eҷ���b3����)9�:�/8�\ݞ8a�+(�X�Sm��#z{i���ɀ�;�x{2��������/�����7 R9�W���\ͽ�6.Gm����i�� ����bn*���4��F]ӛ���d�S�_�5�Mc4|+��(�&��O���]���M�Q��Թ3�)c9�Bű�����>,� If you would like to download PDF exercise worksheets about the present continuous tense then check out the section at the bottom of this page.. There will be rain in the South tomorrow. About Us One of the boys did not break his leg. ‘No’ can be used as an adjective and as well as an adverb; depending on the sentences as explained below- 1) Use of ‘No’ as an Adjective Go through the below given sentences- 1. Solve the interchange of affirmative and negative sentences exercises below and check them with the answers given below in check you answer section. It can be can, must, may, have, should, could, will and would: I can play the guitar. /StructParents 0 To transform these sentences to the negative form, simply add not after the auxiliary and Advertise With Us The gap-fill- in and matching exercise contains positive and begative statements in the simple past tense. Joe does not take vitamins every day. /Font << Negations in English, Sentences, various tenses, Online Exercises. /Image13 13 0 R Susan writes plays for television. Level: elementary Age: 8-12 Downloads: 174 : Present Tense of the Verb Be - Negative Sentences Level: elementary Age: 9-17 Posted by Manjusha You are here: Home-> English Grammar-> Negative sentences. Make negative present simple sentences: 1. will-future, Negations, Exercises, English Online, sentences. 1. MATCHING: Match the sentences to the negative questions. /Parent 2 0 R (Affirmative to Negative) Transformation ( Ar t i st i c En gl i sh ) w w w . 1. these dogs / big teeth These dogs have got big teeth. We have eaten a lot. Verb exercises Grammatical Terms I don’t like to eat steak. Negative: I am not as rich as her. Terms of Use ?��KuU˨m�e4��ԭ#k�� JF�ݙÜr0�;N�Ԭ"���W�U��6T2� ��P5������ɪ�A٪����ž���G�L>�� (�����8RC:���c�&� ���ة-,2X-rX�[��$������+�*��XQ y�o����P��~� �W2�JR���R� L �N��k�sˊ�9�X� �AX¥���)���Zȕ z���w�����|M~ (I / not / like coffee) ___ I don’t like coffee _____ 2. 2. English Grammar Please change thefollowing positive statements into negative statements. Jackie takes vitamins every day. (Affirmative) / None of the students disliked the program. Write sentences with the verb have got (affirmative, negative and interrogative), as in the example. IELTS Site Map. << (Negative) / No student disliked the program. 3. This hotel looks really familiar. /Group << 2. Sharon does not make models from clay.. 9. Learn about negative sentences in English grammar with Lingolia’s simple lesson. Posted by Manjusha You are here: Home -> English Grammar -> Negative sentences. ____3. She is Japanese. endobj Read the following sentences and express their idea in a negative form. 3. Complete the sentences. Present simple exercises - negative forms - elementary level. Negative: I was not sure if I would pass. endobj ____5. It gives better results. >> English Speaking To be: negative sentences. Answers. /F1 5 0 R Negative sentences in Simple Future Tense You can solve different types of negative sentences in future simple tense ,will. Speakers of English often want to confirm information we think we know. 2. I do not like to read science fiction.. 2. 2. I think that guy is famous… ____6. English Writing Present simple questions and negatives. ݱ��er�]fj�{�H{ju�,O�U�U�jG���{=�7��^�Ϸ�Y6�?�!�_\f:����@�����I&���l��p���ǧ�zmXZ�# �b����i�M>١�Ρ���wS2n�9g��v�؞v.��m%��t˜:�:V 'y�"������m̩��.f�g~>\B�Ww���Wpٚu ��Td�k�c�K�ζ�� �[�+C��p���p�!

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